DuppiDay, Bread Festival, Tree Parade and City Day are planned to be held in Tashkent

“DuppiDay” dedicated to the skullcap is planned to be held in spring, and in March 2019 - the bread festival, where the leading manufacturers present their bakery and confectionery products.

The issue of organizing a spring festival devoted to a healthy lifestyle, a kind of “Tree Parade”, when celebrities and ordinary people plant young plants throughout the city, on a regular basis is also being worked out.

It is also planned to organize the City Day. The holiday will include public festivities and entertainment show.

The launch of the bicycle sharing system in the capital with the involvement of OSCE experts and European investors and the creation of the StreetArt platform, when a specially selected location will be given the status of a cultural space for uniting the street art representatives, is also planned for 2019.