DuppiDay, Bread Festival, Tree Parade and City Day are planned to be held in Tashkent

“DuppiDay” dedicated to the skullcap is planned to be held in spring, and in March 2019 - the bread festival, where the leading manufacturers present their bakery and confectionery products.

The issue of organizing a spring festival devoted to a healthy lifestyle, a kind of “Tree Parade”, when celebrities and ordinary people plant young plants throughout the city, on a regular basis is also being worked out.

It is also planned to organize the City Day. The holiday will include public festivities and entertainment show.

The launch of the bicycle sharing system in the capital with the involvement of OSCE experts and European investors and the creation of the StreetArt platform, when a specially selected location will be given the status of a cultural space for uniting the street art representatives, is also planned for 2019.

Exhibitions in the Louvre and Berlin

The exhibition "Civilizations and Cultures on the Great Silk Road" on the subject of Uzbekistan’s cultural heritage will be held in the Louvre in 2021.

The exhibition will feature museum treasures that have not previously left the country. Gathered together, these items will demonstrate trade and cultural ties and the importance of the geographical location of the modern Uzbekistan, as an important crossroads of the ancient world.

The Berlin Museum of Prehistory and Early History will host an exhibition on the heritage of Central Asia, I-II centuries BC. Opening of the exhibition is scheduled in 2022.

Visa-free travel extended to 45 more countries

Uzbekistan has increased the list of countries with 45 more countries whose citizens can enter Uzbekistan without a visa for 30 days from February.

In February last year, the head of state signed a decree on the introduction of a visa-free travel for a period of 30 days for citizens of the seven countries - Israel, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and Japan. In March, Tajikistan will be added to this list, in October - France (the total number of such countries is 18), and Germany will be added from January 15.

At the same time, a simplified procedure for issuing tourist visas for citizens of 39 countries (total of 51 such countries now) was introduced. Since July, electronic visas, visa-free entry for foreigners up to 16 years old and a 5-day visa-free entry for transit passengers from 101 countries have been introduced.

All this resulted in doubling of the number of tourists arriving in Uzbekistan.

Since February 1, the list of the countries whose citizens have can obtain an electronic entry visa is also expanding to 76 countries. In addition, double and multiple electronic entry visas with a validity of 30 days will be introduced from March 15.

Additionally, new categories of so-called (non-electronic) Vatandosh, Student visa, Academic visa, Medical visa and Piligrim visas are introduced for certain groups of foreign citizens.

The list of countries for whose citizens the visa-free travel for a period of 30 days is introduced from February 1.

1. Australia

2. Austria

3. Argentina

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. The Vatican

6. Luxembourg

7. Hungary

8. Brunei Darussalam

9. Greece

10. Ireland

11. Iceland

12. Italy

13. Canada

14. Andorra

15. Liechtenstein

16. Monaco

17. Belgium

18. Denmark

19. Spain

20. Netherlands

21. Norway

22. Sweden

23. Latvia

24. Lithuania

25. Mongolia

26. New Zealand

27. Portugal

28. Bulgaria

29. Republic of Cyprus

30. Malta

31. Poland

32. San Marino

33. Serbia

34. Slovenia

35. Croatia

36. Chile

37. Romania

38. Slovakia

39. The United Kingdom

40. Brazil

41. Finland

42. Montenegro

43. Czech Republic

44. Switzerland

45. Estonia

The list of countries whose citizens can enjoy simplified procedure for issuing tourist visa on “e-visa.gov.uz 

1. Albania 
2. Algeria 
3. Angola 
4. Antigua and Barbuda 
5. Bahamas 
6. Bahrain 
7. Bangladesh 
8. Barbados 
9. Belize 
10. Bolivia 
11. Butane 
12. Cambodia 
13. Cameroon 
14. Cape Verde 
15. China 
16. Colombia 
17. Commonwealth of Dominica 
18. Costa Rica 
19. Cote d'Ivoire 
20. Cuba 
21. Dominicana 
22. Ecuador 
23. Egypt 
24. El Salvador 
25. Fiji 
26. Gabon 
27. Ghana 
28. Grenada 
29. Guatemala 
30. Guyana 
31. Honduras 
32. India 
33. Jamaica 
34. Jordan 
35. Kiribati 
36. Korea, Republic of 
37. Kuwait 
38. Laos 
39. Lebanon 
40. Macedonia 
41. Maldives 
42. Marshall Islands 
43. Mauritius 
44. Mexico 
45. Micronesia 
46. Morocco 
47. Nauru 
48. Nepal 
49. Nicaragua 
50. Oman 
51. Palau 
52. Panama 
53. Paraguay 
54. Peru 
55. Philippines 
56. Qatar 
57. Saint Kitts and Nevis 
58. Saint Lucia 
59. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 
60. Samoa 
61. Saudi Arabia 
62. Senegal 
63. Seychelles 
64. Solomon islands 
65. Sri Lanka 
66. Suriname 
67. Thailand 
68. Tonga 
69. Trinidad and Tobago 
70. Tunisia 
71. United Arab Emirates 
72. Uruguay 
73. USA 
74. Vanuatu 
75. Venezuela 
76. Vietnam

Guardian recommends to visit Uzbekistan

The British newspaper the Guardian included Uzbekistan into the top 40 destination for travel in 2019.

“Since President Shavkat Mirziyoyev took over from Islam Karimov in 2016, cautious change is afoot in Uzbekistan. For tourists keen to experience the country’s famous hospitality, impressive architecture and Silk Road legacy, things are fast improving. New e-visas are a breeze compared with the old process and a key border crossing has reopened at the Tajik town of Penjikent, making it easy to combine a visit to Samarkand with a trek in Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains. Getting there, and around, is easier, too. Turkish Airlines has launched an Istanbul-Samarkand route, meaning the jewel in Uzbekistan’s crown is just one stop from London; and the train network, linking tourist-friendly cities, is largely efficient. But, missing the capital, Tashkent, would be a mistake, not least because now (finally!) photography is allowed on the handsome Tashkent metro. Modelled on Moscow’s famous metro, it includes Alisher Navoiy station, dedicated to the 15th century Herat-born poet, with scenes from the poet’s work decorating the walls”, the newspaper writes. 

Opening of the new airport is planned for 2020

The new airport will have two terminals. The first terminal will be used by VIP persons, officials, delegations, and the second one will provide service for entrepreneurs and other passengers. The new air complex will also have a cargo terminal.

The new airport will have the following infrastructure: an administrative building, a cafe-restaurant, a fueling station, transformer substations, and so on.

The airport will be able to receive all types of aircraft, including Airbus A380. The new complex is being built in compliance with the international flight safety requirements. The airfield will be able to service aircrafts even in adverse weather conditions thanks to modern equipment.

Completion of the first stage of the modern airport construction is scheduled for 2020.

Amirsoy Ski Resort opens at the end of the year

It was originally planned to open the resort in December 2018. The delay is due to technical and other reasons. Project contractors want to do it thoroughly.

Full completion of the construction of the winter resort is scheduled for 2022. This year there will be an introduction to the use of 5 gondola, chair lifts and inclined conveyors, relief tracks of varying length and complexity, summer and winter entertainment complexes, 4 two-story and 28 one-story alpine-style chalets, restaurants and screen bars, equipment rental, and parking.

The project contractors are PGI Management (Andorra), a world-renowned company.

Beginn der Expedition „Alexander in Marakand“

Am 18. August 2013 wurde in Taschkent die Expedition "Alexander in Marakand" eröffnet. Die Initiative des Projekts «Marakand Expedition» hat die Entwicklung und Einführung von neuen touristischen Routen, auf der Grundlage des wissenschaftlichen und pädagogischen Tourismus zu Ziel.

Eine Gruppe von Geschäftsleuten, Akademikern, Heimatforschern und Journalisten wurden hierzu eingeladen. Wie der Pressedienst des Ministeriums für Kultur und Sport der Republik Usbekistan informierte, lag die Hauptroute der Expedition auf der Akropolis von Afrasiab - dem ältesten Teil im historischen Samarkand, der Hauptstadt von Sogdiana.

Das Programm der zukünftigen Exkursionen wird ebenfalls mit historischen Themen verknüpft sein. Das Hauptaugenmerk soll auf die Erforschung der einzigartigen archäologischen Monumente, Museen und wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen im Dialog mit Wissenschaftlern und Experten gelegt werden.

Die Mitglieder der Expedition planen die Ausstellungen des Archäologischen Museums in Afrasiab zu besuchen und im Gespräch mit Archäologen die Geschichte, Lebensbedingungen und wichtigen Ereignisse der über 2000 Jahre alten Stadt zu ergründen.

Bemerkenswert ist, dass der zweijährige Aufenthalt Alexander des Großen in Sogdiana und Baktrien zu einem der wichtigsten Ereignisse in der Geschichte Zentralasiens geworden ist und deren Einfluss bis heute spürbar ist. Im Orient wird Alexander in der Form des Iskander Zulkarnayn als großer Führer verehrt.

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